Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Post

My first post :-)

This is my blog for my Women's Studies class. This will replace the "notebook" assignment. As I am used to blogging, I think this will seem as less of a chore than writing notebook entries. Plus, I can update this with videos and sporadic comments :-)

I chose Sex, Fat, and Women's Studies as the title as my thesis is focused on those three aspects. Sex, as in sexuality and how gender inequality affects safer sex decisions, Fat, as I am looking at how the gendered society views women as sexual objects, in which fat women are viewed as less desirable, and Women's Studies, as this is my notebook.

I welcome comments, please write me :-) If you are another student in my class, leave a comment with your blog URL, and i'll set up a blog roll for us.

You can also check out my other "blog" at which chronicles my weight and surgery related issues.

So, Welcome!

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MacMadame said...

Since you are interested in this subject, I am going to assume you've read Fat is a Feminist Issue. If not, I highly recommend it. I consider it a seminal work and I've noticed a lot of the books I read about fat vs. thin cite it in the footnotes. It definitely gave me a lot to think about back in the late 70s.