Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Size Acceptance

I found a new blog! Click on the link to the side.

I found it from another size acceptance blog, and it had a post that spoke to me. Does the Fat Acceptance community want everyone to be attracted to fat people?

Short answer: No.

Long answer (that deviates from theirs): Patriarchy has created a situation in which women's bodies are seen as physical objects. Women must conform to a very narrow set of societal expectations in order to be seen by the majority as "pretty." In my opinion, the size acceptance community needs to not focus on fat as an object of attractiveness, but to fight the opinion that one can find another attractive based solely on their physical appearance.

Ive found little tiny people attractive, i have found very large people attractive. I can find some people physically attractive, until they open their mouth and dumbness comes tumbling out. Im sorry, I am not going to bed with someone who is not smart.

I find people attractive based on their personalities. Yes, I will admit, initial physical attractiveness has something to do with it, but I can also see how what is "stereotypically" attractive is dictated by society and the media, and not by actual people and their interpersonal lives.

But, the media rant will be saved for another day.

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Fat Bastard said...

Fat acceptance has become a joke. Women and their crazy out of balance hormones have ruined fat acceptance by excluding men. In case you crazy women have not heard; there are more fat men than fat women. Get a clue you pathetic zealots.

The new fat acceptance does not exclude men and we are not anti-diet.